40' Automated with PLC Controls

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Botany Box uses 20' and 40' insulated shipping containers. The used containers are transported to the Botany Box property where the interior is gutted and completely sterilized. Thoroughly cleaning and checking the containers for defects is critical to ensure that all crops will effectively grow in the unit. With experience in modifying a shipping container into a produce growing box, Jesse jumped on the unique opportunity. Seeing a business idea, they decided to pursue it. By combining his knowledge of the electrical industry and Ashley's business savvy, they committed to getting their new idea off the ground. Once we are completely satisfied with the unit, we start specific customer add-ons including painting or logo wraps to the outside of the box. The box is made especially for you, so we'll work with you to make sure it meets all of your desired design requirements. The unit is then ready to be shipped to your location. Through our customization, Botany Box users are able to grow any agriculture to best suit their needs. Rare flowers, fruits, vegetables, greenery, and more; through our units you'll have the best garden on the block. Offered in our 20' and 40' Fully Automated models, Botany Box has a compatible app that allows you to control the units through your phone. This intuitive and user-friendly app gives you the ability to monitor how much water, sunlight, and heat your plants receive by the flip of a switch. We believe that Botany Box should make life simpler, and we can promise this app will do just that.